Advancing growth
through the transformational impact of emerging technologies

For Digital to be real, technology has to transition from Server room to Board room. Re-calibrate expectations from Linear to Exponential. Quantum leap your Experiences & Efficiencies.

Asia Pacific's digital transformation partner of choice

Accelerated build out of a predominantly APAC & Financial Services digital solutions business anchored around AI and allied emerging technologies via a platformized model of service delivery

Real business transformation via advanced AI

Make AI real for you. From intelligent chatbots to self-learning predictive systems in customer acquisition, on-boarding, retention & cross sell

Non-linear high impact automation services

AI & RPA powered non linear automation possibilities. Re-imagine automation and algorithm led automation constructs and realize true non-linearities.

Bringing Silicon Valley innovations to APAC businesses

Best of breed emerging AI, Blockchain, AR, VR, Cloud, RPA & multi-channel experiences specialists available via CoantumLeap orchestration

Digital reimagination & consulting

Re-imagine your business as focussed on your stakeholders dealing with their moments of truths. Leverage us to build micro experiences that work on those.

Ready to deploy & ready to impact micro business solutions

Data and Analytics backed, multi-channel experience powered, industry specific, micro-personalised solution constructs for high and immediate impact

Rapid experimentation and innovation

Accelerated and inexpensive innovation through our lab in a box model for cutting edge technologies like Quantum computing


Coantumleap Ventures

CoantumLeap is building an integrated and advanced B2B emerging tech portfolio. If you want to leverage Coantum Ventures, reach out. Our current focus veticals are

  • Deep AI and applied AI beautifully orchestrated in one portfolio
  • Vertical focussed data and analytics specialists
  • Platform based Digital marketing specialists
  • Niche business consulting startups in financial services space
  • Digital design & experience power houses
  • Platform based B2B services providers in sales, marketing and customer service space
  • High potential fintech startups across the value chain
  • Niche Blockchain and Immersive experiences tech firms, making real business impact
  • Geo and domain specific digital services firms

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